Provider of wealth and security

Dakini is the goddess, who sits in our basic chakra and provides us all our wealth and security. By praying to her you could fix issues related to your money and work.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello Mr. Naran
    How shall one pray to goddess Dakini??

  2. isn’t that Lord Ganesh who sits in basic chakra… Dakini is the dark energy I am not sure….form of goddess but not sure if it is the good one or bad one

    • From Chords Strengthening workshop notes regarding Dakin’s characteristics:

      Dakini is the doorkeeper of the Basic Chakra. She is the one who decides if the chakra is rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise. We cannot see since she is inside Basic Chakra. So we can visualize DAKINI in front of us and do the exercise.

      DAKINI is deep red in color. We can visualize this by closing the eyes. Dakini is deep red in color, as dazzling as many brilliant suns and as if 10-15 suns are together at one place. She is in that color with beautiful arms and three bright red eyes.

      Face is shining like a moon though the eyes are red. Face is shining like a moon indicating that she is the mother of wealth.

      She has four hands. In one of the left hands, she holds the nectar of immortality. It means the food is always provided to us. There is a small vessel filled with nectar so the food is guaranteed.

      In one of the right hands, she holds a skull indicating the symbol of death. One of the meanings for this is that money will come and go but one should not bother.

      When Cord is strengthened with Dakini every day, the person would die exactly at the time of death. There is no premature death.


  4. Thank you. Its all Master’s teachings. Divine Order.

  5. Sir
    I am a regular follower of all your blogs ,you explained about dakini Devi for basic. Chakra
    So is there more gods/Devi related to other chakras ?

    • From the notes compiled, “Workshop on Cord Strengthening with Colors Apr 21 2012”:

      Hara Chakra – RAKINI
      All our senses are going outward not inward. We did not care or take notice of RAKINI, thus our senses are not going inward. We always seek outside love. It is indication for it. As long as you seek outside love, you cannot get complete love. If we strengthen the cord with RAKINI, then we will start loving our self and accept our self. When we accept our self, other person also accepts our self.

      Solar Plexus / Manipura Chakra – LAKINI
      LAKINI is three headed and has four arms. She is dressed in yellow and seated on red lotus. When we strengthen the cord with LAKINI, we will get divine awareness and higher understanding comes. She removes all ignorance.

  6. Respected Sir,
    my sister is now 33 yrs old, beautiful, working in a good company but still we are worried about her marriage,
    how can i help her in this regard?
    please help.

  7. Mohan sir , thank you for your message regarding dakini , , its very important valueable information

  8. Do you have any pictures of dakini, other devi’s .? Please share

  9. sir,

    my son is giving jee main and iit exam pl suggest the mantras for his success,he is hard working but not getting marks as per our expectation ,pl suggest the mantra to recite for my son.

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