Circulation is necessary


Remove obstacles in life

Refer this blog, “Remove Obstacles – internal and external”:

Take care of your kidneys

The first case history explains the external advantage of chanting the switch words, “SLOW CARE CIRCULATE TOGETHER DIVINE”. What is the internal advantage of doing it?

While doing APANA Mudra, if we chant this, it takes care of the kidneys.

Jobs in plenty

I gave this combination to Vijay, a resident of Australia. He was writing the combination in a notebook. He told me that he had to stop it as it keeps getting him several part-time jobs, and he is not able to do all of them.

So, this combination is good to bring in money in your life.

Break-up with husband

Vijay’s neighbor is from Singapore. Her cousin was about to have a break-up with her husband.

When Vijay heard about this, on a whim without knowing why, he asked his neighbor to chant this combination. His neighbor’s cousin did the chanting for a week and surprisingly patched up with her husband.


Now, chant this and tell me what else happens, when we chant this combination.

Good luck

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II Manual

CIRCULATE: Mingle; End loneliness;

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. My two year old kid is having bad cough n cold also. He is nt able to take milk or sleep properly. pls tel something I cn chant

  2. thanks m pls confirm how to pronounce other words also. LEW & YOW IS OK. How to say SAHN SAHN JOE ,BAW,WU

    • sahn as sawhun,baw as ba like goat bragging ,i think wu as it is..joe as jo
      it’s chinese mantra..
      the power behind the number 3396815(in chinese it is pronounced as sahn sahn joe lew baw yow wu)
      you can write this number on paper and keep it in purse..
      may be you can write mantra or this number and keep it under your child’s pillow.

  3. Wow m thanks a lot for such a useful information for my child

  4. m pls tell one more thing is this chinese mantra particularly for child cold or cough only or it has some other powers also

  5. v
    this text I got from naran sir’s book
    someother benefits of this number..
    1)Dr Sha has used this mantra to cure lots of diseases
    2)If you want to get your work done chant without plucking the web of the fingers

    • Read the link bt it was regarding diseases. pls clarify how n wat other work cn be done n Wat do u mean by chant without plucking web of fingers. Would be thankful if u clarify me

  6. you werw asking about other powers of this mantra…
    here it is..

    “Internal Organ Massage

    This internal organ massage is done using Chinese Mantras. To look young, the organs have to be young. Especially intestines should be youthful and energetic. Chanting the mantras will massage the organs. They will regain their youth. When the intestine glows the face will glow too. Of course, we have to do the physical massage.

    Pull the web between the fingers. Do it on both the hands.
    Chant the mantra “SAHN SAHN JO LEW BA YOW WU”

    You can say it anytime. It is a spiritually elevating mantra.”

    Even I don’t understand what is “plucking of web of fingers”
    Will search ,If I get anything about it,will tell you.
    Naran sir or mohan sir can tell.

  7. Naran,

    Need Switchword for my dauther and her boyfriend. The need a home of their own. She is living with me and her boyfriend is living with his parents. But the just need a home of their own. The have looked at one specific flat, but the landlord has said that there are some other couples that is intrersted. Is there a SW for helping them getting this flat or any one else. Soon Please help me with switchword for me to say to help them.

    • Mary
      Chant, “Cerato Mimulus Find Divine House”

      • Dear sir,

        just would like to tell you that I have been chanting the words you gave me. And yesterday they sign the paper for the flat!

        I started hanting CERATO MIMULUS FIND DIVINE HOUSE but yesterday I even put
        Realese resistence before cerator mimulus find divine house and it did helpt. I big, big thanks to you.

        Also woul like to know if I can chant anything for them, so they would be happy in there realationship and they would have a flow of monay so they can handle day to day living.

  8. Please Nara, Can you heltp??

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