Repay your debts faster


Recently we bought a new house for which we had to take a huge loan. We have already shifted and now trying to clear the loans as early as possible.

What should I chant for attracting new sources of income for repayment and clearing the debts faster?



Listen regularly to “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” and “THE OPTIMIST” cds.


The word “huge loan” indicates the Bach Flower Remedy MUSTARD

The gem remedy “PINK TOURMALINE” to activate the root chakra

Listening to the CDs “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” and “THE OPTIMIST” will keep you in positive outlook

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About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naran ji
    Can i chant mustard,pink tarumalin for getting job or for money sources?
    I do not have any loan to pay but I want to get job for financial security.

  2. hi sir, my 6 mnths old daughter is takin everything to her mouth.i know its common for children to tak things to their mouth but mine does it al the time.. Cloth, toys , anything tat comes to her hand she puts it to her mouth.i am worried wat if she swallows anythin. Plz suggest a remedy sir.

  3. Dear sir,

    which SW should I use to be able pay of may loans as fast as I could? I have a job byt the salery is not so good. So I need to come up with more money. Please, advice me as soon as you can! I read the post above about Mustard. Pink Tarumalin, is this the Switchword I should chant to attract more money?? Please, please advice as soon as possible!

    wich you a nice day!

  4. Sir , we are in great troubles.. i really need your help.. we are planning to buy an appartement , our owner is asking us to go. We don’t have much money, and the bank can lent us only 200 000, here in France appartment is very expensive.. My husband has asked his boss to increase his salary but he refused.. any miracle mantra for money flows and buy an appartement..A mantra so that his boss accept to promote him and increase his salary.
    thanks for your urgent reply

  5. I have big debt how do I clear that faster.
    I don’t have CD even if I buy now due to Corona outbreak or would not be delivered to me
    So please help

  6. Hello Naranji,
    Our residential building is in dilapidated condition and we are trying for redevelopment of it for last 12 years. But still not successful for getting builder and going ahead.
    Can you please guide what is to be done for redevelopment?

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