Flow of money


As I am constructing a house, my money is going out and I need more money. What can I do for that?

I am running short of money. I do not want to pull out of my little savings. I would like to borrow and then payoff the loan ASAP.


Take the flower remedies CHICORY and GENTIAN.

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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir I would like to thank you for introducing me and all of us on your Blogs to our dear friend wolf.
    I last month was in a un resolvable problem with insurance company…but I prayed to the wolf and asked for his help….and wow the problem was solved last week miraculously…I chanted…Crystal gorse wolf reach help now…As suggested in one of your blogs

    Thank you…for all your divine help and solutions.

  2. Sir, me and my husband had a plans to fly aboard. last year in the month of November he has quit and even i too. the person who send us we have given him 15,00,000. Till now no returns either he is not even sending. Now again we are searching for a new job… We need to go to Abroad either he should give us all the money nor we should get a good job… Please help us….

  3. Dear sir,
    My date is birth is 2-7-1972. at 8-10AM Khanna (Punjab) I am not getting my Canadian visa. and also not getting satteled in life , I am so hard to earn Moby please guide me.
    with regards

  4. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website reachnaran.com. Best of luck.

  5. Dear sir
    have visited some money in a reputed invst. opportunity. now many people are trapped in the same situation. please please guide which mantra should i chant to get the money back, similarly i want to chant for many sufferers like me.


  6. Sir, I have borrowed a loan of 4 lakhs rupees .sir what shall I do to repay the loan .l have no other source of income.pls help me sir

  7. Hi Naran,

    Iam doing spare parts business, no one is coming to parts from us so much of lose so please help us sir to get profit in busness

    thank you

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