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Please can you assist me with switch words for lump sum of cash in a short period of time?



Mudra for Savings VS Spending

Optimist/ Vyanan/ Movement Mudra

Thumb touching the tips of index and middle fingers on both the hands.

To move forward, to come out of repetitive thinking or stagnation; if there is regression or delay or a block, this can help.

This is the mudra to become optimist; to come out of any dejection, sadness or set back.

This activates, regulates movements, strengthens the nervous system; enhances circulation.

A new way is seen. That means eye sight is improved.

It helps in the numbness of feet or cold hands.

The Movement Mudra produces Vyanan also, which does the distribution of prana. The Message of Vyanan is “do not save”. If one mind says, “Don’t save” then there should be another aspect of the mind which says, “Save”.

Why Pran Mudra for Savings

So if you want to save money you must be in the Pran Mudra.

Why the last two fingers (ring and little fingers) for saving money?  When we have so much bank balance, your mind is relaxed. It is full of joy. The Pran Mudra relaxes one.

That means when you produce a state of relaxation, you can save.

When the event of savings can produce happiness, a state of happiness can also produce savings. Thus Pran Mudra does both.

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Lack of money

“I RELEASE the part of me which is trapped in lack of money”

“I ALIGN with the part of me to FIND REACH COUNT”.

Fear of Poverty
“I RELEASE the part of me which fears poverty”

“I ALIGN with the part of me which THANKS all the money I COUNT”

Saving mentality

“I RELEASE the part of me which desires to save and possess money”

“I ALIGN with the part of me with generosity to GIVE CIRCULATE COUNT”

Owning up money
“I RELEASE the part of me which owns up money”

“I ALIGN with the part of me which surrenders ownership to the supreme Divine.

Compiled by Haripriya when he visited Hyderabad

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Provider of wealth and security

Dakini is the goddess, who sits in our basic chakra and provides us all our wealth and security. By praying to her you could fix issues related to your money and work.

Money Chakra


We need to buy a house immediately. How to go about our finances?


Chant TOGETHER COUNT NOW by seeing at the picture of MOOLADHARA Chakra, and by being in SAFE and SECURE Mudra.

Download the picture of Mooladhara Chakra from internet.

Need not cut down expenses

Money came to them when they wanted it desperately

Manish took the mantra ‘SRINIVASA ARAVINDALOCHANA’ as his life mantra, chanting it whenever he can, for whatever occasions that he felt was in need of the mantra and for all his family, friends and relatives.

Recently, he chanted for his cousins – brother and sister, fighting over a silly reason and not talking to each other for several years.  Unless both of them had sign for a property document, they can’t sell an ancestral property jointly owned by them.

The concerned brother called up Manish and told him that he had found a buyer who is willing to buy the property at a good price. He was also ready to patch up with his sister.


Srinivasa Aravindalochana will bring two equally opposite extremes together, if that is needed to complete divine order. What Manish has described above is about the two people placed extremely opposed to each other. One is north and the other is south.

Money situation

Earning and expenditure – when the expenditure is too much and one cannot manage his expenses, with his income, this mantra will bring in more money to meet the expenditure – bridging the gap. In this situation, one need not cut down expenses. He can simply chant this continuously and wait for the money to come.

Bridging the two extreme opposite situations or persons is the use of this mantra.

Climb over your obstacles easily

Mamta Tomar

Please suggest some remedies to overcome from obstacles in life and how we can improve the financial situation?




When one climbs he will know there are other ways to destination.

Like a bamboo, one has to be flexible. Then only he can climb easily.

Be like a bamboo now and climb to see that there are no obstacles, but only open paths.

The Flower for Prosperity

The flower for prosperity

Mother’s message on Prosperity

ProsperityRemains only with him who offers it to the Divine.

Unselfish Prosperity –He who receives it abundantly gives all that he has, as he receives it.

Cannon Ball Tree Flower –the flower for prosperity

The flower teaches you prosperity consciousness – developing prosperity mentality inside you. Money as such is not prosperity.  It is not ours.

Even though we can handle money, we cannot claim any ownership on money. It is neither mine, nor yours. It belongs to the divine. Understanding this is ‘Prosperity Consciousness’.

The divine is giving you money during certain times and taking it away during certain other times.

Do we really have prosperity consciousness then?

  • Feeling sad when you are not able to earn well
  • Feeling sad when expenditure comes or mounts
  • Because of inability to earn what is needed, one becomes stingy, feeling sad to spend even for bare necessities
  • Reacting over the inadequate meager income and blaming God, parents, others and his own karma
  • Feeling   envious or jealous about others spending freely
  • Becoming pessimistic about money, and forming unwanted beliefs about the money
  • Feeling elated when money comes and refusing to spend for necessities
  • Always thinking about saving for future

We – all of us – have – only poverty consciousness.

Signs of having prosperity consciousness

Without understanding that money is a tool to handle life, we cannot do anything about the flow of money.

Money is a Divine flow, which cannot be altered by the human.

When we develop prosperity consciousness, we surrender totally to the Divine – waiting for it to deliver at the right time. Then,

  • We will not blame anybody for taking the money from us
  • We will spend without inhibition for necessities
  • We will not calculate the interest earned on savings
  • Though we may save, the mind is not on money

When one is not avaricious (highly greedy for money) he has prosperity consciousness.

When one is not miserly, he has prosperity consciousness.

When one is not longing to possess money or when one is generous or not mean-minded, he has prosperity consciousness.

What does the Flower of Prosperity bring in us?

What will it bring? It will not bring money. It will change your poverty mind to prosperity mind!!!

When this happens, it will make you understand that money is universal, and it is a Divine flow, similar to the air (Prana) which is always available and over which you have no control.

Message: “You human beings are channels of money only.  You are a receiver when it comes; you are a giver when it goes out.  Be a spectator, observe, and surrender without judging.  Then you are open to its grace.

How and when to use the flower?

How to use this flower to get money? What type of meditation can be helpful using this flower to get money for our requirements?

The basic mistake all of us do when we have to pay our debts,when we have expenditure to make, or when we are hard-pressed for money is to concentrate and spend all our efforts in getting the money required.

Our mind is looking for ways of receiving money either by hook or crook.

When money is available as freely as “prana”, the underlying hidden message is “give and be given”.

How to give money?

Meditate on this flower, allow it to fill up all your chakras and mentally start giving the money that you have to give. Mentally spend the money.

Give all the money that you owe to others (when you are in debts). Mentally pay your children’s fees, if you need money for that.

When you have lost money or when somebody is not giving money due to you, don’t think about the loss or him. Thank him. Pray for his wealth and goodness.

Think why you need that money. If the money you want from him is for some expenses or for paying some of your debts, mentally pay them.  Visualize the money flowing out through your hands to those whom you have to pay.

Mentally fulfill all your money commitments daily, meditating on this flower.

Don’t visualize getting money. Visualize giving money.

If we observe this method, there is always prosperity. There is abundance always and happiness is for all.

Thank you Mother, for opening us to the love, beauty and grace of this “Cannonball (Nagalinga)” flower!!!

This flower energizes, activates our heart [give] and throat [surrender] chakras simultaneously.  Let all of us keep this.

Now, keeping this in mind, read the story of Krishna and Kuchela.

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