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Torturing us for money

Mahesh Viji

Many people are torturing us because my husband has taken money from them and he is not repaying the money. Kindly suggest one mantra.




ROCK WATER, WILLOW, and MUSTARD are Bach Flower Remedies.

Strengthens the will power: ROCK WATER

Nobody would threaten you by unfair means: MUSTARD

For resentment that you feel about the creditors: WILLOW

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Repay your debts faster


Recently we bought a new house for which we had to take a huge loan. We have already shifted and now trying to clear the loans as early as possible.

What should I chant for attracting new sources of income for repayment and clearing the debts faster?



Listen regularly to “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” and “THE OPTIMIST” cds.


The word “huge loan” indicates the Bach Flower Remedy MUSTARD

The gem remedy “PINK TOURMALINE” to activate the root chakra

Listening to the CDs “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” and “THE OPTIMIST” will keep you in positive outlook

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No source of funds


I need Rs 7000 within a week. I have no source of fund. Plz suggest me switch word so that I get the money quickly. I need to pay that amount to my colleague.



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Manifesting Money


All their attempts to get money are futile…

“GIVE” is the word that will develop prosperity consciousness inside us.

When one feels sad about not getting money or when one thinks that he cannot repay unless, he receives enough or more, the mind harps on lack, developing poverty consciousness.

These are the people who are always on the lookout to get money from somebody.

But, because the mind is filled up with lack, all their efforts to get or receive money end in vain and make them more money-less.

How GIVE operates inside our minds?

When one gets a loan, he says he would “GIVE”.

When one lends a loan, he thinks that the other person would “GIVE.”

“GIVE” is a word which implies that there is a receiver to whom you can give, because you “HAVE”.

This switch word GIVE, when chanted, encourages him to give, telling the mind that “YOU HAVE”.

Poverty changes into Prosperity

With the switch word GIVE, a somersault happens within the mind.

The belief that has brought the lack is changed, resulting in the subconscious mind FINDing and MANIFESTing the money.

The following switch word phrase can be a common one for all types of prosperity healing, “TOGETHER GIVE COUNT NOW DIVINE”

Debts! Many thanks to you!!


What is the nature of debt? How do we generate debt to a person, place or institution?  Is it resistance to abundance? Is it slavery?

I want to rule my mind when it comes to this. I think forgiveness might be the key.


Debt is an obligation to somebody. We are always obligated to the Divine, for which we are not thankful to him.

When ‘THANKS’ is not there in the heart, Debt will enter in one’s life.

When you analyse the thoughts and emotions built up around the debt, it is always blaming – blaming on poverty consciousness, blaming the destiny, blaming the lack and luck and blaming the divine.

Debt is always Time-bound. If you don’t pay in time, it will mount.

A person who has not understood the value of time, who has postponing tendencies, who has wasted his food, or who has not shared his food, who resents others’ success, who is thankless and blames the parents is likely to enter into debt.

The energy of THANKS alone will help a person, in periods of debt.

Nasty creditor will sue me


I have been chanting “WALNUT, OAK, HORNBEAM, CHERRY PLUM, FIND COUNT DIVINE NOW” for my husband and my finances. It is helping us.

But now, I need to come up with 250,000 in 25 days because a nasty creditor is going to sue me unless I come up with this money to pay off my bill.


If somebody says you nasty, will you agree? Can you say to him directly that he is nasty? He is demanding his money. Thank the creditor daily.

Chant “TOGETHER FIND 250000” as many times as possible.

Our own mental state spoils the healing.

Find Why I am successful


I had spoken with you three days back regarding my loan getting sanctioned. You had asked me to chant “GORSE, WATER VIOLET, ROCK WATER”. And I am still chanting it. Hope it will help me.

It has shown some positive results but it is taking time. Kindly help me in getting the process done faster. I will be in trouble if this delays.


Please add as follows: “GORSE, WATER VIOLET, ROCK WATER, FIND WHY I got the loan from bank NOW DONE”


When you ask the question ‘Why’ something has happened, your subconscious mind will find a way to make it happen.

However, allow time and mind to make it happen. Whatever comes the way, follow that route, which will eventually lead you to the result you desire for.

Some of the examples are:

  • “FIND WHY I had a great time at the party”
  • “FIND WHY I  had a successful married life with so and so person”
  • “FIND WHY I am considered as a topper in my college”

Thank the borrower


I am not getting money from a person. Till now the idiot is not giving my money.


Thank the person for giving the money.

Your anger or resentment against him works against receiving the money.

Your thinking that he has cheated you will further attract persons who will cheat you.

Forgive that person.

By being obsessed of getting money from him, you are blocking your own receiving of money from other sources.

(W)rite Method to Find Money


Mani gave loans to relatives for their studies and other expenses. Nobody took interest to give back the money owed by them.

He resigned his present job.  He had taken some loans from the company, which he had to return before his last day.

His wife took the a for 4.5 lakhs. He had to find one more lakh of rupees.

Every day without any expectation he wrote 3 pages of the switch words, “TOGETHER FIND DIVINE ORDER COUNT NOW DONE”

Within a month, the relatives paid the money themselves. He could payback the loan as well as the balance of 1 lakh rupee to the company easily.

Advantage of writing an affirmation:

  • You want the thing to happen.
  • Dedication is required to write.
  • Sitting and writing three pages of affirmation requires some effort. So it works better.
  • Not expecting a result also.

Though she did not believe, he decided to write it. “If it doesn’t work it’s ok. I always have Naran to be blamed” 🙂


TOGETHER: whether to fight with his relatives or not. He had a confusion nature and he doesn’t want to confront them to return the money owed by them.

DIVINE ORDER: if they didn’t give back the money, the money has to be given from his pocket, a tricky situation to handle

FIND, COUNT, NOW DONE: money has to be found now

The Flower for Prosperity

The flower for prosperity

Mother’s message on Prosperity

ProsperityRemains only with him who offers it to the Divine.

Unselfish Prosperity –He who receives it abundantly gives all that he has, as he receives it.

Cannon Ball Tree Flower –the flower for prosperity

The flower teaches you prosperity consciousness – developing prosperity mentality inside you. Money as such is not prosperity.  It is not ours.

Even though we can handle money, we cannot claim any ownership on money. It is neither mine, nor yours. It belongs to the divine. Understanding this is ‘Prosperity Consciousness’.

The divine is giving you money during certain times and taking it away during certain other times.

Do we really have prosperity consciousness then?

  • Feeling sad when you are not able to earn well
  • Feeling sad when expenditure comes or mounts
  • Because of inability to earn what is needed, one becomes stingy, feeling sad to spend even for bare necessities
  • Reacting over the inadequate meager income and blaming God, parents, others and his own karma
  • Feeling   envious or jealous about others spending freely
  • Becoming pessimistic about money, and forming unwanted beliefs about the money
  • Feeling elated when money comes and refusing to spend for necessities
  • Always thinking about saving for future

We – all of us – have – only poverty consciousness.

Signs of having prosperity consciousness

Without understanding that money is a tool to handle life, we cannot do anything about the flow of money.

Money is a Divine flow, which cannot be altered by the human.

When we develop prosperity consciousness, we surrender totally to the Divine – waiting for it to deliver at the right time. Then,

  • We will not blame anybody for taking the money from us
  • We will spend without inhibition for necessities
  • We will not calculate the interest earned on savings
  • Though we may save, the mind is not on money

When one is not avaricious (highly greedy for money) he has prosperity consciousness.

When one is not miserly, he has prosperity consciousness.

When one is not longing to possess money or when one is generous or not mean-minded, he has prosperity consciousness.

What does the Flower of Prosperity bring in us?

What will it bring? It will not bring money. It will change your poverty mind to prosperity mind!!!

When this happens, it will make you understand that money is universal, and it is a Divine flow, similar to the air (Prana) which is always available and over which you have no control.

Message: “You human beings are channels of money only.  You are a receiver when it comes; you are a giver when it goes out.  Be a spectator, observe, and surrender without judging.  Then you are open to its grace.

How and when to use the flower?

How to use this flower to get money? What type of meditation can be helpful using this flower to get money for our requirements?

The basic mistake all of us do when we have to pay our debts,when we have expenditure to make, or when we are hard-pressed for money is to concentrate and spend all our efforts in getting the money required.

Our mind is looking for ways of receiving money either by hook or crook.

When money is available as freely as “prana”, the underlying hidden message is “give and be given”.

How to give money?

Meditate on this flower, allow it to fill up all your chakras and mentally start giving the money that you have to give. Mentally spend the money.

Give all the money that you owe to others (when you are in debts). Mentally pay your children’s fees, if you need money for that.

When you have lost money or when somebody is not giving money due to you, don’t think about the loss or him. Thank him. Pray for his wealth and goodness.

Think why you need that money. If the money you want from him is for some expenses or for paying some of your debts, mentally pay them.  Visualize the money flowing out through your hands to those whom you have to pay.

Mentally fulfill all your money commitments daily, meditating on this flower.

Don’t visualize getting money. Visualize giving money.

If we observe this method, there is always prosperity. There is abundance always and happiness is for all.

Thank you Mother, for opening us to the love, beauty and grace of this “Cannonball (Nagalinga)” flower!!!

This flower energizes, activates our heart [give] and throat [surrender] chakras simultaneously.  Let all of us keep this.

Now, keeping this in mind, read the story of Krishna and Kuchela.

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