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Naran S Balakumar

  1. my sisters son is 5, always having cough and cold and fever problem and because of coughing he is having swelling in the chest ,he can not eat properly. he was dehydrated from severe vomiting and diarrhea and was unable to last month he was admitted in hospital , after having him saline and antibiotic he was ok ,but his skin in some area became red so doctor told us that he is having some kind of allergy, but it was not ok .after that his allergy start increasing ,the skin specialist told that his W B cells released extra anitibotics in the blood to protect the skin which lead to swelling and redness on the skin when contact in outer environment and so the skin doctor gave some medicine to control it but now he is again having cough fever problem (his school test are on and he is not able to attain the school)

    please help and tell me the chant for him so that he well be health and protected always
    i just believe in divine god and you please rely soon

    please help
    thank to divine and you

  2. My 2 year baby remain cranky ll the time and throws tantrums ,slam her head on floor and raise hands on all,please tell m switchwords to make her calm and happy
    Thnks in advance

  3. Neha
    give her flower remedies chicroy rescue remedy.

  4. Naran u told me chant crystal gorse impatient walf reach buyer give count now done. I am doling it last 4 week I didn’t got buyers yet.
    Can u tell me what I can do?

    • It is crystal gorse impatiens wolf reach buyer giver count now done.

      Continue that. Add Release Resistance

      “Release Resistance crystal gorse impatiens wolf reach buyer giver count now done”

  5. Thank you Mr mohan to reply.
    I have one more question bother me, my daughter wedding gone a month ago. next week there is on more wedding in family.They are trying to competaion with us,I am jealous.
    Can u pls kindly advise something so it doesn’t bother me,mywife,my dougter.
    I don’t want to be bother or jealous. and my family members nice with me,wife,daughter .
    Thanks ones again Mr mohan

    • Your honesty needs to be praised.


      Everybody will appreciate you for your good heart. In turn you will be happy and praise others.

  6. Thanks Mr mohan,
    For my business one buyer is interested he came to my shop ask questions last two days but I don’t know he is seriously interested or not.
    Please mohan I have to sell this business as quick as possible with price I ask for it.

    • Look at the shop and say “TOGETHER PRAISE GIVE THANKS DIVINE”.

      Give to sell. Here you are praising and thanking the shop – to show your gratitude for all the good things happened to you because of it.

      Chant MIMULUS separately for getting a better price.

  7. Mohan,do I have to continue chant release resistance crystal gorse impatient wolf reach buyer give count now done, or only what you told just now

  8. Hello Mr mohan,
    This question is for my daughter. She never satisfied with own things she never take pride for own self.she always un happy.even she has everything.
    Can u pls give me circle techniques so she get benefits.
    You can send me ur email so I can send it directly.

    • Beech Chicory Gentian Pine

      Pine: no self-appreciation
      Chicory: a pot with a hole – never enough (quote from Naran)
      Gentian: not satisfied.
      Beech: criticizing and fault-finding

      Chant for her too.

  9. My business sales is going so down,I have no income,so much loan payment,end of month so much stress to pay all bill.
    I don’t know what to do


  10. Hello Mr mohan,
    I asking this question behalf of my friends in South Africa.
    He done studying 2 year from now but he is not finding a job can u pls suggest anything so he can get job.

  11. Thanks Mr mohan,
    For my business nothing is happening no buyers coming. I am worried because there are three shop for sale which is similar my type shop.
    My financial crisis is not changed.
    I am chanting everything you told me.
    Please help me

    • Firstly, Things doesn’t change overnight. Read the blogs carefully. You will know what I am saying.

      Secondly, if you are doing it properly something would have happened. What did happen to you in the last few days.

      Thirdly, prioritize your needs. Forget about everything else and focus on only one thing that matters .You will see some progress. Share that progress.

      Good luck.

  12. Respected sir
    I am asking this for my parents
    My father is a heart patient and my mother has low bp,two days ago she got weakness ,had doctor checkup he said low bp and low heart beat rate he gave medicine and did all test,by gods grace test came out normal
    I am the only daughter and live outside india ,they are alone in india ,I want switchwords/any remedy any prayer for them so that I can pray for them daily to be healthy and happy
    Thanks a lot in advance for doing this noble work and helping people through tout the world

  13. Girija,

    Dear sir, i already post my question on 17 sep, on Prepare Delicious Food. pls give me some solution sir.

    Dear sir, i want become fat i am tacking treatment in homeopathy past six months, doctor has given me some drop before food it feel more hunger i am having fruits, cake, but after food it vl get motion sir so that still i am in same weight sir, i am is 27yrs old, my weight is 42kg. i have increase my weight up to 50 kg sir. please give some solution for me sir.

    Thank You Sir.

  14. Dear Sir,
    My friend’s spouse sold his some of his reading books without his notice. How to get those books back? He does not know the person whom she sold the books. Those books are very important to him. Please suggest any switch words/mantra etc.,

  15. sir,

    is there swichwords for revers gray hair and to get rid of glasses?

  16. Hello Naranji,

    Firstly would like to thank you and with gratitude would like to share that I am now pregnant. Its the just the next month after meeting that I conceived 🙂

    One of my client was diagnosed with Endometriosis, and an ovary was removed by the doctor this was before her wedding. after all the docs telling her that she wouldnt conceive, she conceived naturally. however within 5 months it was pre delivered. Now during periods she has heavy flow ( says its pouring) though doesnt complain of pain.
    Can you please suggest a remedy for her and also help her in conception.


  17. Respected sir
    Thanks for advising me flower remedy for my parents health problem
    But I have a one question
    I ordered your flower meditation cd and ebook and in that mp3 u said cherry plum is for calmness for emotional chaos and red chestnut is for calmness too
    How they help me ?
    Just curios

    • Ultimately you will achieve peace and calmness when you take the remedies. In that silent space, healing happens.

    • Usha Rajagopal Rao

      Even I am undergoing emotional chaos. My daughter (only child)who is abroad, has chosen life partner on her own. We feel she was haste in her decision and could have found someone better. Also worried abt her future as we understand some issues (doshas) in her horoscope. I am having restlessness, palpitations, sleep issues, neck and spine problem. Pls help.

  18. Thanks a lot sir …
    I will start chanting cherry plum red chestnut for my parents

  19. Dear Sir, I am suffering for lack of money and debt in my business very badly. Please advise how to get quickly a big amount of money within one or two day.

  20. Respected Guruji…..Pranaam..Charan Sparsh…Guruji, .last year i suffered a Glucoma which i lost the sight of my right eye completly..and my left eye also got glucoma and at present my left eye vision is also slowly diminishing..Guruji at the age of 45 if i loose my eye sight..i hope u understand how difficult it will be for me n my family..for the last 4 years i havent earned a single i cant go to work..only god knows how i am managing..Guruji … Guruji please i request ur kindself 2 help me .in which all my problems should be Guruji i am very desperate .please guide me in such a way that i will come out with flying colors..please guruji me myself n my family members will be highly obliged to you…thanking you in anticipation..pranam guruji….

  21. Vanakkam Sir,

    Can you please provide a remedy for the unhappiness and sorrowness in my life….is there any mantra that can be recited to bring happiness in my life…nothing is going positive and kind of frustrated with my life…nowadays I have lot of suicidal thoughts so very much worried on the future.


  22. dear sir , namaskar, my husband is suffering from fever and cough from many days . he went to many doctor he will be allright for some days but cough will be there and again after few days he will get fever. please tell me some mantras or remedies so that he will get well soon

  23. Dear SIR,
    I need to get married ..cant c any chance or hope in mid 30s. want to find a v loving/perfect/suitable lifepartner according to my desire. please guide . im very worried . cant c any hope.

  24. Dear sir,my daughter needs to reduce weight ,please tell me any remedies

  25. Dear Sir.
    I am a contractual worker in maharatna company of India. But the administration / management of the company are so corrupt that i am not getting proper salary or deserved salarry specially facilities which Govt. of India had established many years ago. facility like medical, housing, electricity , water supply and all other to uplifting living standard of worker. But local area management violates rules actguidelines to benefits themselves and pays irregular payment. management provide illegal document like fake ID cards for rejecting us from benefits. kindly advise switchwords that on behalf of us for lawful way. so that we will be in peace and harmony.

  26. Sir, I want to attract clients for my new business and earn money. I also want to reduce my weight. Please guide me on which switch words would solve my problem. Thank you.

  27. Sir,my father had invested lump sum of money in few investments which were all stuck halfway for years .please suggest us some switch words to get our returns soon .

  28. pranams
    My son had vety bad stomach ache last night and also vomited 2 to 3 times he was in severe pain never seen him in such pain before he is 27 year old and believes a lot in SW I have chanted Kungita Padam Saranam all night and he was able to sleep a few hours after 3 am can you some remedy for him please so that he does not have to undergo any surgery for appendices or such he also has some fever.

  29. Mrs Neelam. P. Bhatia

    I lost my husband 7 months ago & daughter who was a special child 3 years ago, living in a joint family. I want to make my career. I don’t have confidence, immunity, concentration, Willpower. I have pains in my whole body as well stomach problems. I can’t sleep without eating homeopathy pills for sleep. I want to be self dependant. Plz help me

  30. hi sir,

    My friend had taken money from me 3 years back. Every time he says he will pay, but he does not pay. He got new job and its 4 months, still he didnt pay me. When I call him to talk he wont pick my call or call me back. If he calls he will not talk about it. Or sometimes he will say, you know i keep forgetting so remind me. Pls help me sir, its my 2 years savings. I am in urgent need of money. Pls help sir

  31. Shanmuganathan

    I’m facing a difficult situation, my future wife is been abducted a person named satria wicaksana, she’s in Indonesia. To release her I hv to pay the money. I tried to talk to him but he keep abusing her and he forcefully will keep her as his mistress, I’m in Malaysia.
    How to face this situation and save from him immediately, I’m financially broke. Yet preparing to work in Singapore.
    Naran ji plz give some guidelines.

  32. Sir Gaurang Patel here
    In 2008 had TUBERCULOSIS n after medical treatment I m healthy. But on lungs showing some scars , it’s showing during x ray so have to remove n get crystal clear lungs so I will get medical fit results n get long term Visa
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  33. dear sir,

    i am in deep financial crisis so much so that i may have to sell my house to survive . I need funds on urgent basis. I have been expecting a payment for a long time now but no result and also my bank loan is stuck for a long time. my business has become zero.Please suggest me remedy to manifest money very quickly and clear my financial blockages .

  34. Vidhya Dhanjani

    Hello sir, m vidhya.. v r 3 sis & 1 bro and mom dad.. m married and I have 3 yrs old son. Actually my problem is that no body values me not my in laws not even my parents. Actually they always compare me with my sis (now m comparing my self & criticize ).. I felt neglected always by everyone actually she is not taller and attractive then me.. everybody’s ask her to accompany her and whatever sacrifices I do nothing matters. Sometimes my in-laws tells we expected a tall girl for my husband. It’s really breaks my heart.

    • Vidhya Dhanjani

      Please… tell me any good mantra to get attractive personality and how can I stop thing negative always.

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