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Tool of Mahalakshmi

Commenting on the Suastik symbol mentioned in the blog:


It seems like people have used this same symbol to represent evil deeds. How can this be?


Whose fault is it – the symbol’s or people’s?

Anything good, if it is in the hands of bad people, will bring bad.

Everything in this world is a tool. But Mahalakshmi is PURE DELIGHT and LOVE. Money is her tool.

ALAKSHMI, namely arrogance and pride, will always follow Mahalakshmi. It is man who has to be careful, while handling money.

What is the attitude one has to develop for handling money? 

Prahalad, the son of Hiranyakashb, the well-known Asura, shows us the way. When questioned by Indra, he said the following:

“I handle money with the highest devotion to Lord Narayana in the heart, keeping in mind, the basic principle that ‘None of this wealth is mine. Everything belongs to Sri Lakshmi’. This devotion keeps me in prosperity always”.

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Torturing us for money

Mahesh Viji

Many people are torturing us because my husband has taken money from them and he is not repaying the money. Kindly suggest one mantra.




ROCK WATER, WILLOW, and MUSTARD are Bach Flower Remedies.

Strengthens the will power: ROCK WATER

Nobody would threaten you by unfair means: MUSTARD

For resentment that you feel about the creditors: WILLOW

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Flow of money


As I am constructing a house, my money is going out and I need more money. What can I do for that?

I am running short of money. I do not want to pull out of my little savings. I would like to borrow and then payoff the loan ASAP.


Take the flower remedies CHICORY and GENTIAN.

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Repay your debts faster


Recently we bought a new house for which we had to take a huge loan. We have already shifted and now trying to clear the loans as early as possible.

What should I chant for attracting new sources of income for repayment and clearing the debts faster?



Listen regularly to “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” and “THE OPTIMIST” cds.


The word “huge loan” indicates the Bach Flower Remedy MUSTARD

The gem remedy “PINK TOURMALINE” to activate the root chakra

Listening to the CDs “TOGETHER CHANGE NOW” and “THE OPTIMIST” will keep you in positive outlook

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Time is short

Help Seeker

Please can you assist me with switch words for lump sum of cash in a short period of time?



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They are trying to grab my money


I was attending my company’s regional sales conference in a remote district. I had some cash with me, which I got it from somebody who owed me. Unfortunately, some attendees saw that.  I had a bit of an apprehension whether the money would be safe.

During lunch break, a local guy – who became familiar with me in the last few days of staying at a local hotel, approached me with a smile. He asked me, “Can you give back the money you owed me?”

He asked in a menacing voice. I was afraid to confront him as he had a rowdy-like person next to him.I totally became panicky. I didn’t know what to do.

So, I quickly went back to the conference hall. Remembering one of Naran’s blogs, I started chanting “ROCK WATER, ROCK ROSE, VINE, CHESTNUT BUD”. These are remedies to handle hooligans.

Immediately after chanting, I don’t know for what reason they left the hall. I guessed it could be that the flowers were working.

I became relaxed and started getting involved in making arrangements for the afternoon proceedings. Then, I noticed the local village head was looking for me. I realized the goondas has sought his help to grab the money from me.

He found me. When he looked at me, he vanished surprisingly.I realized then I had been dreaming.

I realized immediately of my fear of earning money due to the fear somebody will grab it. This sub-conscious fear is stopping me from doing well in my job.

The flowers are revealing that message to me.

How did I come to that conclusion?

Yesterday morning, when I spoke to Naran he suggested me to use the symbols to wipe away my poverty and increase abundance in my life. However, I noticed I had a lot of resistance to do so.

So I did past-life healing (listened to the CD) to heal my beliefs about money as well as my parents’ and my grand-parents’ beliefs on earning money.

Then, before going to bed, I listened to the ‘BACH FLOWERS MEDITATION’ CD. Therefore, I guess the flowers have revealed to me my fear on making good money.

How can I be sure, it is due to my past?

20 years back I had to help my friend who was deep distress. I spent all the money earned abroad back then, to solve his problem.

After six years of spending, I got tired. So to put an end to it, I left my job abroad. And he stopped asking me money.

After one year, I went abroad once again. I worked for few years. After getting a job in a MNC company in Chennai I returned back to India, with good amount of savings.

Few years back, one of my brothers was in need of money to solve his problems in business. I couldn’t refuse it. For few years, it was continuing due to pressure from my family members – especially my father, to support him.

It happened that my last job got over as our company was bought by another company. So we were laid off with a good compensation. Now, I am managing with that money. Currently, I am doing average jobs without seriously looking for any good job.

Interestingly, now my family members have stopped asking me money.

Thanks flowers! Thanks CDs!! Thanks Naran!!!


The message of flowers is to come out of fear of money.

We have fear, when we don’t have money or when we lose our money.

We have fear even when we have huge money.

It is the tendency of Money to keep everyone under fear always! It is fearlessness which brings in fortune and not money.

One has to earn money and rule the money. If we allow money to rule us, what we get is FEAR only.

Time is short

Help Seeker

Please can you assist me with switch words for lump sum of cash in a short period of time?



No source of funds


I need Rs 7000 within a week. I have no source of fund. Plz suggest me switch word so that I get the money quickly. I need to pay that amount to my colleague.



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Praise Money


In continuation of the article on ‘Bring Praise Divine’:

Write daily 51 times:

“I release the part which is resisting the flow of money”

“I ALIGN with the part of me which opens to the flow of money”

Chant “BRING PRAISE DIVINE” daily as many times as possible.

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Circulation is necessary


Remove obstacles in life

Refer this blog, “Remove Obstacles – internal and external”:

Take care of your kidneys

The first case history explains the external advantage of chanting the switch words, “SLOW CARE CIRCULATE TOGETHER DIVINE”. What is the internal advantage of doing it?

While doing APANA Mudra, if we chant this, it takes care of the kidneys.

Jobs in plenty

I gave this combination to Vijay, a resident of Australia. He was writing the combination in a notebook. He told me that he had to stop it as it keeps getting him several part-time jobs, and he is not able to do all of them.

So, this combination is good to bring in money in your life.

Break-up with husband

Vijay’s neighbor is from Singapore. Her cousin was about to have a break-up with her husband.

When Vijay heard about this, on a whim without knowing why, he asked his neighbor to chant this combination. His neighbor’s cousin did the chanting for a week and surprisingly patched up with her husband.


Now, chant this and tell me what else happens, when we chant this combination.

Good luck

Explanation from the Mind-Body Mystified II Manual

CIRCULATE: Mingle; End loneliness;

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