Debts! Many thanks to you!!


What is the nature of debt? How do we generate debt to a person, place or institution?  Is it resistance to abundance? Is it slavery?

I want to rule my mind when it comes to this. I think forgiveness might be the key.


Debt is an obligation to somebody. We are always obligated to the Divine, for which we are not thankful to him.

When ‘THANKS’ is not there in the heart, Debt will enter in one’s life.

When you analyse the thoughts and emotions built up around the debt, it is always blaming – blaming on poverty consciousness, blaming the destiny, blaming the lack and luck and blaming the divine.

Debt is always Time-bound. If you don’t pay in time, it will mount.

A person who has not understood the value of time, who has postponing tendencies, who has wasted his food, or who has not shared his food, who resents others’ success, who is thankless and blames the parents is likely to enter into debt.

The energy of THANKS alone will help a person, in periods of debt.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. A Divine post!!.Every word is a gem of/for meditation. Thanks divine for these beautiful wonderful lesson. namaste,

  2. Dear Naran, Many thanks for sharing this. Is there a flower that opens one up the energy of thanks or gratitude in general?

    • Grace,

      my favorite is willow cos to remove resentment and blame and,

      cos when heart is open, one gives. love, thanks, everything possible. so maybe?

      only what i gather frm blogs here. i have not attended any class so not sure.

      • You are on dot, based on my personal experience.

        First, Willow removes layer for something else. Next come chicory – as Chicory is a person, who is like a pot with a hole (to quote Naran). He or she is never satisfied with what is offered to them.

        While I was typing this, I heard this prayer, from the CD, “Meditation on Bach Flowers”:
        “Chicory, you symbolize mother’s love. You represent unconditional love. Let me love selflessly. Let me have true concern for others.

        Whenever I am filled up with self-pity, Chicory, remind me, guide me that that I am loved and approved by all.

        Whenever I feel hurt or rejected, remind me that I am loved by god.

        Whenever, I get angry at the ingratitude of others, remind me Chicory to forget and forgive.

        Release my ego-centric needs. Release my possessive nature. Release my self-love.

        There is a thirst for love which no human relations can quench. It is only the divine love that can satisfy that thirst. Let this message of yours Chicory, be the guiding force of my life.”

        I think there is a connection here.

  3. Dear mr Naran.

    I need some help from you. I have some heavy dept I have to pay, but I don´t have enough money. Can you please help me with some switchword. I have read some of the post and i found MUSTAD-FIND-COUNT-DIVINE-NOW-ON. Can I use this one or you can help me with some switchword just for me?

  4. Dear visitors! Ask all your questions on the website Naran will not answer here. Naran answers your questions on the website Best of luck and divine grace.

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