Manifesting Money


All their attempts to get money are futile…

“GIVE” is the word that will develop prosperity consciousness inside us.

When one feels sad about not getting money or when one thinks that he cannot repay unless, he receives enough or more, the mind harps on lack, developing poverty consciousness.

These are the people who are always on the lookout to get money from somebody.

But, because the mind is filled up with lack, all their efforts to get or receive money end in vain and make them more money-less.

How GIVE operates inside our minds?

When one gets a loan, he says he would “GIVE”.

When one lends a loan, he thinks that the other person would “GIVE.”

“GIVE” is a word which implies that there is a receiver to whom you can give, because you “HAVE”.

This switch word GIVE, when chanted, encourages him to give, telling the mind that “YOU HAVE”.

Poverty changes into Prosperity

With the switch word GIVE, a somersault happens within the mind.

The belief that has brought the lack is changed, resulting in the subconscious mind FINDing and MANIFESTing the money.

The following switch word phrase can be a common one for all types of prosperity healing, “TOGETHER GIVE COUNT NOW DIVINE”


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Thank you Naran Sir for appearing on the blog on a regular basis these days. Your presence here itself causes a lot of healing. Thank you for this beautiful post.

  2. Lakshmishivkumar

    very nice. This article also proves that you can have only if you have the mind to give

  3. Dear Guruji,

    I am writing this Switch Words every day 100 times & Chanting the Lalitham mantra ( 21 times ) for the Last 4 Months .. Things have bettered , Now i have money all the time somehow to mange & have not feeling empty.. I wanted to be free from Debts & loans & be financially independent , slowly I see some of the debts are getting cleared.. How many more days should I continue this & I am doing this correctly ?



  4. Hi Naran sir my problem is I don’t see any changes even after chanting the was not like this before when ever I chant the mantra it was working for me in positive way. But now it’s not working for me I am suffering from financial problem very much. I have lots of debts. Even my husband not getting the perfect job an if he gets he can only work for 5or 6 months an some how the situation makes him to quit the job kindly help me even the debtors are torcharing us for money kindly reply me as soon as possible

  5. sir i bought 2 houses in kattupakkam but handing over of property documents from the builder to me has been getting delayed for 2-3 years which flower remedy should i take to get the documents quickly

  6. Dear Naram my daughter is not eating properly i want her to be healthy and beautiful pls suggest me a remedy for her healthy and happy life

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